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Campsie Library, [interior], adult circulation desk, ca 1986

Campsie Library, [interior], adult circulation desk, ca 1986
Campsie Library, [interior], adult circulation desk, ca 1986
Canterbury City Council
Staff at the Adult Circulation Desk, at the Central Library ( commonly known today as Campsie Library) of the City of Canterbury Library Service, 139 Beamish Street, Campsie. Library Assistant Anthony Perkins is "carding" returns (that is locating the correct book cards and placing them in the specially designed pocket in the front of each book) in preparation for shelving (that is returning the books to the correct places on the shelves). Anthony is checking the "count" (that is a specially designed box recessed into the Circulation Desk and housing the bookcards that were filed first by date due then by call number) for the book cards. The book cards had been taken out of the books when the books were "issued" (that is when the patron had presented the items to staff at the Circulation Desk and asked to borrow them). <br>Library Assistant/Officer Angela Bryce (in the red cardigan) is writing with the pencil that had a specially designed date stamp device attached to the sharpened end. T his device was designed to hold miniature rubber stamps attached to the sharpened end of the pencil. The stamps in these devices were changed each morning to the date the items to be issued that day were due. When writing the angle of the pencil automatically lifted the stamp device out of the way. To use the stamp, staff tipped the pencil forward to either dampen it in the ink pad or press it to the "date due" slip in the book. This motion would automatically lever the sharpened end of the pencil out of the way. <br>Library Assistant, Mrs Soraya Hafda (wearing green) is issuing items to a patron. <br>To read about Newark - the manual circulation system employed by the City of Canterbury Library and how the library kept track of the lending collection before computerisation please ~Link-LibraryNewark-Link~.
Campsie, New South Wales (NSW), Australia
ca 1986
Local History Photograph Collection
Original: 15x10cm colour photograph.
The present library service provided by Canterbury Council opened on 16 December, 1946 at 157 Beamish Street, Campsie. It was called Canterbury Municipal Library Service and the Campsie premises was officially the Central Library although it is now known as Campsie Library. The Library Service operated from this shop-front premises for several Years. In the 1950’s Canterbury Council agreed to construct a new purpose built premises at 139 Beamish Street, Campsie. This building was officially opened on 26 September, 1958 and served the community as a library for 28 years. In the 1980's Council agreed to provide a new building with facilities to ensure and encourage maximum use and benefit to the community. The next new library, situated on the ground floor of the Campsie Centre, 14-28 Amy Street, Campsie, was officially opened on 13th December 1986. To read more about the history of Campsie Library and the City of Canterbury Library Service from when it commenced in 1883 please ~Link-LibraryService-Link~. To read about the card catalogue and how publications held by the library were found before computerisation please ~Link-LibraryCatalogue-Link~.
Original donated by Canterbury City Council Library
Canterbury City Council
City of Canterbury Local History Photograph Collection

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